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Possible causes of battery problems

Possible causes of battery problems
This can happen even to the latest car: if the engine stops making a sound when you turn the ignition key, the car battery is often responsible. Especially in the winter months, cars with starting problems top the breakdown statistics. The failure of the indispensable power donor can have very different causes. In acute cases, however, only a donor vehicle with a full battery helps. This can give jump start via a jumper cable and help the vehicle that has broken down again.
Possible causes of start problems
Start problems in winter are often due to the increased power requirements (interior, window and seat heating, etc.). The power consumption then exceeds the performance of the alternator, which leads to a gradual draining of the car battery. Otherwise it is often electrical consumers such as lights or radio that accidentally remain switched on when you leave the car and thus drain the car battery.
If this cause of increased power consumption can be excluded, the alternator may be defective. It continuously charges the battery with electricity while driving. If it is defective, charging will no longer take place and the battery will no longer supply sufficient current for the ignition process.
And finally, a defect in the battery can cause the starting problems. Like all rechargeable batteries, the car battery has reached the end of its life cycle after a while and can no longer draw enough electricity. In this case it must be replaced.


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