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Why jump start can be dangerous to your car

Why jump start can be dangerous to your car

When a car battery dies, the first thing people think about is a jump start. But have you ever heard about the damages it can cause to the electronic system of your car? Gold Coast Auto Works is worried about you and your vehicle and intendes to avoid bigger harms to your car. Here is a post that will explain why jump start can be dangerous to your car.

The driver should not procedure to a jump start himself. The ideal move when the battery is discharged is to search for an expert because a jump start could cause several damages to the car. The battery must be removed and recharged in chargers outside the vehicle’s engine compartment.

The reason why a jump start is not too safe is because there are a lot more complex electronic systems in today’s cars – they could burn if the jump start isn’t done properly. Newer cars have a lot of embedded electronics. A poorly executed jump start can burn the electronic ignition, voltage regulators and even all the other electronic parts of the vehicle.

Cars from a decade or even five years ago have much more simple systems than the newer vehicles, so the jump start in those used to be common. Nowadays the a dead battery requires more care.

The correct procedure is to remove the battery from the vehicle, charge it out and then put it back in place, protecting electronical devices from high tension. Call an Auto Works if the battery dies, do not jump start your car, otherwise a voltage spike can burn your car’s electronic module and panel.

Here are some tips to increase battery life:

  • turn the radio and internal lights off when leaving the vehicle;
  • disconnect the battery terminals if you won’t turn the car on for a long time;
  • keep battery contacts clean;
  • do not listen to music with the car off.

As you notice, it’s better to leave the revival of a flat battery to an expert. Recharging the battery must be oriented the right way and connected in the correct sequence. If you are around Pompano Beach, do not hesitate calling Gold Coast Auto Works if your battery car dies.


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