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BMW Oil & Filter Service

BMW Oil & Filter Service

Oil & Filter Service has a fundamental importance in your BMW. The oil keeps the engine running smoothly, allowing the moving parts to act freely, removing residues as well as other impurities and helping to maintain the operating temperature of the engine. The filter is also important to retain some of these impurities and should be changed opportunely.

Changing oil is recommended in 5,000 mile intervals. However, keeping an eye on the quality and oil levels helps prevent damage to your BMW. Many cars have a digital panel that will notify you when your oil is coming to its end, so pay attention to it. Without proper lubrication and cooling, important parts may wear out and compromise the entire engine of your BMW.

It is possible to check the levels manually: it is necessary to wait at least five minutes after the engine stops – use the engine dipstick and check if the oil is between the two markers (maximum and minimum). The correct level is exactly in the middle between them, because if it is too low, there will be a lack of lubrication; if it is too high, the oil may leak and damage parts.

Some BMW models have an appropriate oil specification, so it requires the attention of an expert like Gold Coast Autoworks. But, don’t worry, just bring your car to Gold Coast and our specialists will check your BMW’s Oil & Filter condition. Our team works in high performance models as BMWs and is capable to identify issues, fix them and return your car as good as new.

In fact, the Gold Coast Autoworks performs other important preventive maintenance services besides Oil & Filter Services, such as check brakes, fluids and hoses. If you are in Pompano Beach and need to give your BMW a special attention, don’t hesitate and call us!

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