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BMW Clutch Repair

BMW Clutch Repair

The clutch serves to assist the driver in starting and stopping the vehicle, as well as changing gears. Clutch repairs aren’t uncommon in a BMW, but there are certainly specific warning signs to look out for in your BMW when the clutch begins to fail.

As the clutch is used as an intermediate part that controls the connection of the engine torque and the car’s transmission system it involves several parts. It is important to value the quality of spare parts and the complete replacement of defective components. This will greatly influence the conservation of the assembly, as well as other engine and gearbox mechanisms of your BMW.

It’s natural for parts to wear over time and need maintenance, specially if the car runs more in large urban centers – the wear of the kit is greater when compared to vehicles that travel more on roads, due to the fact that gear shifting is less in this scenario.

Depending on the BMW model you drive, the clutch is repaired 25,000 miles to 60,000 miles or between clutch disc replacement intervals, but you can always count on it being necessary sooner or later.

Any car give signs of an wear clutch. It can be noticed, for example when the clutch fails, if you smell burn. Here are some signs that show it’s time to repair your BMW clutch:

  • hard pedal: probably due to problems with the cable or hydraulic drive system;
  • slip clutch: problems shifting gears can be caused by severe wear of the clutch;
  • burning odor: your BMW could presents an oil leakage that affects the clutch system;
  • excessive noise or grinding: represents poorly assembled, worn or broken components;
  • locked clutch: related to the bearings wear;
  • chatter: usually caused by irregular wear or clutch loose parts.

Some important parts of the clutch system as thrust bearing, clutch slave cylinder, pressure plate, transmission fluid and clutch fluid are verified during the clutch repair. It is a complex system and should be reviewed properly.

That is why you should take your car to an expert as Gold Coast Auto Works, located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Gold Coast has a great team capable to diagnose and fix you BMW clutch system and leave it as good as new.

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