Engine & Transmission

Engine & Transmission

Your engine and transmission must be serviced regularly with manufacturer approved fluids and manufacturer scheduled intervals. We provide scheduled service to try to keep your car running strong. Additionally we can provide diagnostics to determine the cause and provide solutions to common issues that are causing your check engine light to illuminate on your dashboard.

We also have extensive experience in repairing cooling issues with radiators and water pumps. It is always best to call us the first time you notice low coolant, warmer than usual temperatures, or leaks. Your car’s cooling system is of utmost importance especially in the very hot South Florida sun.

Moreover, your exhaust system is also another means for improving fuel efficiency and performance and can often make a difference especially if you are a sporty driver or participate at club sponsored events such as autocross.

Rest assured that we have rebuilt many engines and transmissions over the years and our facility is equipped with the latest machinery to rebuild your engine and transmission if necessary. Furthermore we can also assist you in selecting and installing updates to improve your engine and transmission performance. Feel welcome to call us we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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