Brakes & Suspension

Brakes & Suspension

Most cars are designed to work meticulously well with the OEM brakes and suspension parts. We agree it is usually best to keep your car stock using OEM and or OEM equivalent parts. However, there are so many parts developers and manufacturers that offer brakes that can improve braking or reduce brake dust. Moreover, the same can be said as after market parts developers also offer suspension parts that can outperform OEM parts.

This is always an important discussion as some clients will invest in the most advanced after market updates to improve their cars over stock, On the other hand some clients may want to stick with OEM or after market OEM parts.

Not sure what to do then give us a call and come in so we can discuss the way you want your car to brake and ride. We are confident that you will be happy with our assistance in finding the right parts to get your car to stop and ride the way you want it.

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